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31-Jan-2018 12:22

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But before Grant fans scream with excitement at the idea of their favorite actor being single, they should know that Gustin seems to have stolen another girls’ heart.

Over the past two months, the actor has posted multiple pictures with a woman mysteriously named “L”.

The most recent pic of “L” has a caption that reads, “I love my LA weekends with L.” Not much is known about this mysterious woman, but she and Gustin seem to be smitten with another… While one fan commented on the pic, “Ugh 😷 HES SUPPOSED TO BE FOR MEEEE 😭❤️”, another has written, “Don’t tell me they’re dating”.

Though the couple didn’t appear in many professional photos together, they often showed up in each other’s social media pics.

Based on Gustin’s most recent Instagram photos, however, star seems to have moved on, which also isn’t too much of a shocker– both Douglass and Gustin have hectic schedules!It tells a good story, about a girl named Star (Sasha Lane), 18 years old, with Rasta Barbie braids and a skeptical smirk, who joins a wolfpack of kids in their late teens and early twenties who live on the road, traveling from one cookie-cutter motel to the next, making money by hustling magazine subscriptions door-to-door.

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