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06-Feb-2018 18:31

Elections are being held peacefully in the state,” Adhikari said.

The campaign was started on July 1 this year in which colleges were targetted in order to register fresh voters.

“If they topple our government, it could have disastrous results,” he says.

“We’d be the front line, and the future of warfare would be us.” Related: Sex, Drugs and the Biggest Cybercrime of All Time After decades of seeming like a sci-fi fantasy, the cyberwar is on.

However, those responsible for organising the event, veterans of a teaching and skills development concept that began 10 years ago, knew exactly what was coming.

From the beginnings of a zombie uprising used to create a storyline and "Hack Fu Construct", to fiendish challenges and puzzles the attendees would attempt, everything in the event was to have a purpose and an authenticity brought by months of diligent preparation.

A stocky jock beside him storms a database of stolen credit cards in Russia. While meatheads and models jog obliviously outside, 150 code warriors hunker inside the hotel for a three-day bender of booze, break-ins and brainstorming. Scouts are here looking for a new breed of soldier to win the war raging in the online shadows. Hackers like these aren’t the outlaws of the Internet anymore.

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By Christiaan Botha & Martyn Ruks Standing in the warm winter sunshine of a Friday morning in Johannesburg it was hard for the participants to imagine what lay in store for them at the inaugural Hack Fu ZA event.

He revealed the latest information on company's forum page, and posted answers to several other questions about One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T as well."In these circumstances, let court notice (be issued) to the chairman, SIT i.e.

Anurag to appear in person to clarify on the facts as to why only further investigation was carried out despite the mandate of SIT to investigate/ re-investigate the facts," the court said.

China, Iran and other countries reportedly have armies of state-sponsored hackers infiltrating our critical infrastructure.

The threats are the stuff of a Michael Bay blockbuster: downed power grids, derailed trains, nuclear meltdowns.

A Hispanic version, "De Moda," rolled out last October and will enter its second season later this year.