Dating site picture fails

11-Dec-2017 20:50

If you’re not getting the results you want, there are usually two major reasons.

Either your dating profile sucks, or your photos do.

Here’s where it gets challenging – she’s forming opinions on just about every aspect of what she sees, including your posture, facial expression, and the clothes you’re wearing.

The technical term for this is “thin slicing,” and everyone does it in just about any social situation.

It’s painful, we know, but you’re better off leaving that fab new Peter Pilotto dress in the closet.

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But for the general good of the online dating world, and to hopefully offer some help to all of those handsome bachelors out there considering a bathroom selfie, I would like to offer this helpful little list of 10 photos guys should NOT post for online dating.And since most schools don’t teach how to take a good Tinder photo, you’ll find plenty of examples of good picture ideas for guys you can use for inspiration. Studies have shown that women take about 1/10th of a second to form an impression of someone in a photograph.If she has a bad impression of you from the start, she's not clicking on your profile or responding to your message. The “I Want You To Take Care of my Kids” Brotha Oh, he might not say a damn thing about it but judging by Lil Mama’s hair and screw face, he MIGHT ask you to play mama to these youngins and while she gives you the Mc Screw face the whole time. I mean if your lipgloss, your model pose or SNATCHED eyebrows outshine ME, please exit stage right. Do NOT collect 0 cuz I’m gonna need that for some self esteem classes. This brotha definitely looks like he’d have long, glitter filled nights with any of the men mentioned in this post but claim “He aint gay” cuz he didn’t get bent over. Black Gay Chat is This is the man who, as a boy, was always being stopped at the door by his mother and had globs of lotion thrown all over him while she used her spit to wipe the cold outta his eye. He knows all the latest sh*t on hip hop and can probably sing a Jodeci song better than YOU can.

I’m 100% convinced that the ‘net is playing one big practical joke on my lonely ass and they’ve failed to include me in it. I want to share a few of these “types” with you and hopefully you’ll understand my struggle: 1. It might go from shopping in The Dream’s Sweet and Petite Collection to completely wearing YOUR stuff. Now these kinda dudes come in all forms but this particular example doesn’t know whether he wants gang bang on Little Rock or “hang out” with the men mentioned in #2. Unlike buddy coming in at #7, this guy has PROBABLY dated and hung around Black folks all his life.And since this time of the year can sometimes be a bit of a downer for singles, I thought we’d lighten the mood with the topic that never fails to entertain — online dating photos.

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