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03-Feb-2018 12:41

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Sie trotzen der Homophobie, die in der Stadt immer stärker wird. In die letzte Schwulenbar haben strenggläubige Juden einen Molotow-Cocktail geworfen.

Deswegen steht am Eingang vom Hamikwe ein Wachmann.

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An der Bar stehen Studenten in engen Hosen und Hornbrillen.

Promises to take you from Allenby to Tel Aviv University in less than twenty minutes? But he’s totally passionate and you really did feel a connection. If you catch him while he’s in town he’s totally down for a booty call.

He’s the hot guy you really like who one day totally up and left for Europe without telling you.

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However an encounter just a few months ago made me question how much (or how little) I know about inclusivity.

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