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The latest in Craft Distillers’ Mezcalero line which delivers extremely small production batches from a variety of locations around Oaxaca.

– Location: San Baltazar Guélavila – Agave: Cultivated espadín and agave de lumbre – Maestro Mescalero: Cirilo Hernández – Quantity: 184 cases / 1104 bottles – Distillation Date: March 2014 – Bottled: June 2015.

"The Minstrel Boy" is an Irish patriotic song written by Thomas Moore (1779–1852) who set it to the melody of The Moreen, an old Irish air.

It is widely believed that Moore composed the song in remembrance of a number of his friends, whom he met while studying at Trinity College, Dublin and who had participated in (and were killed during) the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

And, all units are available for sale, long-term rental or time-share.

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I don’t get much of a nose from this bottle, a whiff of acetal alcohol tells me that it’s definitely a spirit.

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