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Beginning in adolescence, however, he began to exhibit antisocial sexual behaviors, primarily a penchant for indecent exposure.Upon his first arrest for this crime in high school, his football coaches hushed it up so that he wouldn't be kicked off the team.I'm trying to use this toolbar as an input Accessory for the keyboard when the user taps the Text Field inside the toolbar.


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** * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright ** notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in ** the documentation and/or other materials provided with the ** distribution.初始化方法 UICollection View Flow Layout * flaw=[UICollection View Flow Layout new]; flaw.header Reference Size = CGSize Make(SCRW, 35); self.collection View=[[UICollection View alloc]init With Frame: CGRect Make(0, 50, SCRW, SCRH-NAVH-Tabbar H-50) collection View Layout:flaw]; self.collection View.background Color=[UIColor white Color]; [add Subview:self.collection View]; self.collection View.delegate=self; self.collection Source=self; [self.collection View register Class:[UICollection Reusable View class] for Supplementary View Of Kind: UICollection Element Kind Section Header with Reuse Identifier:@"header"]; 注意设置横竖滚动,layout里 CGFloat cell Width = (k Screen Width-68-(8*layout Edge))/7; NSLog(@"%lf",cell Width); Size = CGSize Make(cell Width, cell Width * 1.4); layout.minimum Interitem Spacing = 3;//横向间距 layout.minimum Line Spacing=17;//竖向间距 如下设置 Size = CGSize Make(([UIScreen main Screen].width-1/YYScreen Scale()), 150-1/YYScreen Scale()); layout.scroll Direction = UICollection View Scroll Direction Horizontal; layout.minimum Interitem Spacing = 1/YYScreen Scale(); layout.minimum Line Spacing = 1/YYScreen Scale(); 使用到这个方法获取最小代码块 CGFloat YYScreen Scale() NSString * jd ID [email protected]"3606590"; NSString * [email protected]"openapp.jdmobile://virtual?